Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a broad subject, but to boil it down to a single point: Your graphics are your image. How you chose to do your logo, your print work, your ads, your signs & business cards; effects how your business will be perceived.

Your company's logo & branding is a key element in establishing yourself and what your business is. A bad or boring logo will drive customers away. A good logo (ThunderstruckMG specialty) can both bring you customers and even excite them about your brand. The branding scheme can create brand recognition & help with brand loyalty both at starting out and even more when you business grows.

Photoshop Certification Adobe Certified Associate in Visual Communication Using Adobe Photoshop

Illustrator Certification Adobe Certified Associate in Graphic Design & Illustration Using Adobe Illustrator

Web Design

Aside from a Logo, a website is possible THE most important thing for a business or indidivual to have.

With a good website, you create a storefront and a face for your customers to get information, purchase goods or services, and a landing spot for all your other marketing. Without a good website for your customers to come back to, all the best marketing in the world can fall flat.

Your website is where you want to close the deal, no matter whether you are selling yourself, a product, or a service. We can help you create a great website at a great price, that is sure to 'Wow!' your customers.

Social Media

Social Media serves two main purposes:

First, Social Media is a major source of marketing, worth more (if done right) than most other marketing you can buy. With our help you can: Gain a following, Promote your business, and Advertise your Products & Services.

Second, Social Media is your PR. We can help you keep your finger on the pulse of your customer base, identify (and change) the public opinion of you or your business & keep in touch with what your customers want and what they don't want.


Let no one deceive you - Marketing is an art & a science, it is not just slapping up a Wordpress site and calling it a day. With all the great advances technology affords us these days, you can not only directly market to the audience you want, but you can tell if they are paying attention to it, how they are reacting to it, and what parts they are reacting to the most.

A good marketing campaign might change three or four times within the campaign, much like polling during an election. The marketing term for this type of measurement is called Analytics. With Analytics, you utilize all the other things combined: Graphic Design with a good logo and synchronized branding, Web Design with SEO (Search Engine Optimization, to get your website to the top of the Search Pages), Social Media targeting your core audience, and communication back and forth with your customers, and the Analytics tie all the processes together to let you know who's clicking what, who's watching what, and more importantly, who's interested in your business and what they want to see.

Graphic Design

Any kind of graphics you want done, we can do it. The more fun and creative your ideas, the better!

Logo Design & Branding

Need a creative logo for a company, product or service? We can do that! Need complete branding to make up your companies public identity? Count us in!

Web Design

Any kind of website you want, we can do it. Homepage, Landing Page, Squeeze Page, Wordpress Site, Blog Site - you name it, we've done it.

Social Media

We can set up and get you started on social media for yourself or business. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, Google+, Tumblr, etc. We can design the graphics, set up the accounts, building up your followers, and even help you with the posting and content.

HD Video Design

We can both film and edit high definition videos for promos, trailers, tv spots, commercials, Youtube Channels - pretty much anything.

Mobile Web Design

If you're looking at our site on your phone/tablet right now, you can attest - we do mobile, and we do it very well. No platform should be left out, and with a large portion of your customer base going mobile for their primary internet activity, it's a necessity.

Print Media

We can design not just the graphics, but the layouts, printouts and fold outs that you need for your physical print media. Sometimes you just need to hold it in your hand.

Product Design

Clothing, Company Merchandise, Promotional Materials - All these are a great product to not just advertise - but to get other's to advertise for you. We can design and get you rolling with the best merch you can get.

Email Marketing

There is nothing like a good email campaign, very useful for product releases, new services or building and informing your customer base in general. We can help you design email templates, set up campaigns, even run the campaigns for you. We can do email.

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